These 2 “KID” Techniques Will BOOST Your Sexual Stamina (Not Kidding!)

Are you interested in learning how to make sex last longer? Are you fed up with lovemaking that always ends within 60 seconds?

If you are, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

There are a LOT more guys just like you, frustrated and disappointed at being not able to satisfy their partners during sex.

The simple fact remains that, women require a lot of arousal time before they can actually begin intercourse. Five to fifteen minutes is common for the average woman.

So it means you have to be able to last at least that amount of time if you want your partner to be sexually fulfilled. Sounds like a tall order? Not really, if you follow these two simple “KID” techniques below!

#1 – “Keep It Down”

Simply put, slow down during intercourse. Many men are too eager to go straight into thrusting mode as soon as sex begins.

When that happens, it causes your arousal to shoot through the roof, and any extra movement or friction on the penis takes you beyond the point of no return.

One great way to turn this around is to focus on the sensuality aspect of lovemaking, and not the sexuality part.

There is a huge difference. Sensuality requires you to make love SLOWLY, paying attention to every part of the female body that could arouse and heighten her senses.

This also helps to take focus AWAY from your genitals, which helps you last longer.

#2 – “Keep It Deep”

Did you know that the female anatomy becomes wider as it gets deeper? So if you are a routine “quick shooter”, alternating between shallow and deep thrusting is another great way to add a few crucial minutes to sex.

This is because deeper penetration does not stimulate the nerves on your penis glans as intensely as the first two inches of the vagina.

Whenever you feel yourself getting out of control, thrust deep and stay there until your arousal drops down a few notches.

From my experience, this has worked amazingly well for me… and I’m sure it will for you as well!